From this one page you can access six specially developed calculation or information tools to help you manage and understand many of the important realities of modern-day farming. The six interactive, knowledge or calculator sites cover compatibility, nutrient balance, cost effective tank mixing and crop-specific fertiliser management solutions. They all readily relate to your use of RLF products and are compatible with all computer and mobile devices. Simply click on the icon to connect you to
this information.

The easy to use Maxiyield is a step-by-step calculator that allows you to determine your fertiliser requirements as a fully integrated approach to fertiliser regimes. It will give you the information you need, together with the practical ability to make all of the decisions necessary to take control of your own fertiliser routines with the utmost confidence. RLF's method of Integrated Fertiliser Management (IFM) - that involves all aspects of plant development and growth is an integrated 'Seed, Soil and Leaf' approach. It is the basis of Maxiyield. It has benefited from many trials and sustained results, conducted as part of our commitment to research and development by RLF's dedicated scientific and
technical team.

Every time a crop is grown, nutrients are taken from the soil. Understanding how the science of nutrient removal works and how all elements work together to bring about successful outcomes for plant growth and yield is important knowledge. This calculation tool estimates crop nutrient removal of nitrogen (N), phosphorus(expressed as P2O5), potassium (expressed as K2O), magnesium (M) and sulphur (S), for a broad and continually expanding list of field crops. Results are calculated based on user-selected yield goals, and can be displayed in either metric or US/Imperial units. The calculator is uniquely multilingual - providing access in six languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese (Mandarin). Nutrient removal science is an imperative for today's Farmers and Growers and is a reality of modern farming practice.

This RLF developed calculation tool allows you to quickly formulate the cost effectiveness of a wide range of foliar fertiliser solutions for different crops and cropping situations. Define and input your own specific parameters, including the on-costs of tax, labour, power, freight and transport. Step-by-step instructions guide you through a quick and easy understanding of the cost outcomes for any boomspray mix before you start the process. This is very helpful information for the modern-day farmer or agricultural enterprise.

Experiencing crop or plant problems ? This interactive tool gives you easy access to technical expertise when you most need it. Upload your pictures or video of any crop or plant problem you may having difficulties with and see what RLF's Technical Group recommend to help find a solution. Give as many details as you can, and our advice will be forthcoming.

If you need to know more about the twelve essential plant nutrients and their roles in plant health then this interactive tool gives you the answers. All crops must have an adequate supply of each of these twelve nutrients to produce optimum yield. In accordance with 'the Law of the Minimum', if one or more nutrients are lacking in the soil, crop yields will be reduced, even though an adequate amount of other elements may be available. That is to say that crop yields may therefore be limited by the element that is in shortest supply. Access to understanding the key nutrients needed to make your crop thrive has never been easier.

RLF recognises the importance of understanding compatibility facts and has developed this unique resource dedicated to understanding the compatibility of the RLF product range with industry chemicals and other agricultural products such as fungicides, pesticides and herbicides. Some of the most frequently asked questions by farmers is about what chemicals can be mixed with liquid products that contain trace elements. Easy access to this site will help in building this knowledge. Part of RLF's service is direct access to our Senior Process Chemist for any specific enquiry you may have, and the unique search function allows you to find the information you need easily and quickly.